Persephone is the goddess of spring and death. Of new beginnings. I’ve learned over the years that my way of dealing with difficult experiences is through creation. And I have learned that a lot of my creations could be viewed as “persephonic” and that I, myself, have a very persephonic existence. A paradox. An oxymoron. Princesses and serial killers. Dead things and perfect glass pieces. Too much love and affection while roasting the f*ck out of my closest pals.

With this new word in my life, I am ready to stop trying to make myself choose. If Persephone can exist as the Queen of Hell and the Goddess of Spring, I can exist as a hot messy Pinterest mom and a kind of slutty and politely vulgar business woman.

If you’ve followed me from the last venture. Hello and thank you for your undying support.
If you’re new here. Welcome.

It’s time to rise from the ashes of the awesome old into the brightly flamed phoenix of the potentially more awesome future!

persephonic definitions:

1. pertains to great beauty borne out of utter chaos and pain

2. pertains to the point where the depth of darkness meets the crest of the light, thereby creating an unsurpassable, immortal, undefinable kind of beauty and bliss

3. pertains to the by-product of two opposing extremes.

4. the ultimate, universal truth : the world is a paradox.

5. self-contradicting glamour

6. best statement for a situation, wherein, no matter what tragedy happens in a person’s life, the end only foresees her in a positive, ethereal light


I’m not going to give you my entire life story. Just some highlights.
I’ve been through a lot in my life, and as I have said before, creation is how I have always dealt with that. And I am always open and looking to learn new ways to create things. I currently create music, clothing, home decor, jewelry, costumes, accessories, etc. I crochet, knit (not well), do macrame, resin, sculpting, papier mache, digital art, and even logos now (like the P E R S E P H O N A L I A C logo. Gonna toot that horn. It looks so f*cking good and I am obsessed).

Some of my passions include mental health (I’ve been diagnosed with: OCD, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, severe anxiety, and depression) and relieving folks of the stigmas behind the stereotypes and helping people to feel good about themselves.

When designing patterns, I do my best to be as size inclusive as possible. I don’t care how big or small you are. Everyone deserves nice things. Everyone deserves to feel cute, bad ass, sexy, or whatever the hell they want to feel that day!


  • custom artwork/logos.
  • tutorials
  • size inclusive crochet designs
  • stuff to clutch your pearls at
  • finished pieces ranging from garments to home decor to jewelry
  • diy tips
  • giggles
  • whatever I want to, when I want to

Oh yeah, and here is my face.


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